For decades, posters tempted fright-flick fans with frissons far beyond the limits set by special-effects technology or censorship boards. And in many cases, posters had the crucial task of pulling patrons in to movies that frankly sucked! The best horror posters were unforgettable — a well-executed poster could keep you on the hook and on the lookout for a certain horror film for years, even decades. And whether you’d waited two days or 22 years, if the film itself was disappointing or worse, you somehow didn’t blame the poster for deceitfully pumping you up… great horror movie posters exist as their own individual works of Pop Art. 

Only the most slavish geek film-cultists care about owning or displaying a dull poster from an incredible film, but most collections include and honor plenty of deliciously lurid, obnoxiously gruesome pieces that are clearly the best thing about the movies that spawned them! Even if you’re a genre 1-sheet wizard  you might have overlooked the massive contributions made by foreign distributors and artists. If so, there are enormous oceans of fabulous fright frameables you have yet to encounter…from Spain, the UK, France, Japan and (in our opinion) most excitingly, Italy, where, until about 1990, the world’s most talented commercial illustrators whipped up two completely different paintings for most movies released there. The boldness, the colors, and the brilliantly incorporated details are waiting on these web-pages to renew your devotion to all things bloody, beastly, dark and disgusting. They’re all originals, of course, and come in every conceivable size, from 17 x 25” French petites to humongous, wall-spanning, life-changing 55 x 118” Italian billboards.  

Enter, if you dare...