Justine, Marquis de Sade's 4F

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(Italy/Liechtenstein/USA/West Germany, 1969)       aka Justine & Juliet        d. Jess Franco       with Klaus Kinski, Romina Power, Maria Rohm, Rosemary Dexter, Carmen de Lirio, Akim Tamiroff, Mercedes McCambridge, Rosalba Neri, Sylva Koscina, Jack Palance, Claudia Gravy.

Italian 4F Manifesto       F       2-Panel       55 x 78"       C.O.O.       GOOD/VERY GOOD       Artist:  RENATO CASARO Overzealous cinema employee used red ink to circle box office draws Palance, Koscina & of course Klaus Kinski — linen-backing would easily remove this as well as virtually all other defects to stunning display effect!