Black Alleycats 4F

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(USA, 1973)       aka Walkin' the Mean Streets, Black Alley Cats        d. Henning Schellerup       with Sunshine Woods, Sandy Dempsey, Johnnie Rhodes, Charlene Miles, Norman Fields, Eve Crawford, Betty Mitchell, Marsha Jordan, John Paul Jones, Sandy Carey, Tricia Opal, Angela Carnon, Bert Davis, Penny King, Uschi Digard, William Guhl, Keith Erickson.

Italian 4F Manifesto       F       2-Panel       55 x 78"       GOOD/VERY GOOD       Artist:  MARIO PIOVANO       Panels were glued together by exhibitor long-ago , scattered dings/scuffs/tattered foldlines, missing chunks of paper  --  very RARE & ideal linenbacking candidate!