GIALLO  means "Yellow " in Italian and refers to the covers of a smash-hit series of mystery novels which first appeared in Italy as early as 1929.  As a movie genre, GIALLI  are stylish and sexy murder thrillers known for their convoluted plotting, intricate and outrageous, crimson-tempera-blood-splashed death scenes, and now-classic tropes -- black-gloved killers; childhood emotional traumas; evocative scores by composers like MorriconeCiprianiDonaggio and Goblin; wealthy jet-set characters with jobs in the arts; distinctive European locations; J&B whiskey; sexual perversion; extravagant false eyelashes; straight razors; and, naturally, gorgeous, frequently nude actresses like Edwige FenechRosalba NeriAnita StrindbergSusan ScottDagmar LassanderCristina GalboMimsy FarmerFemi Benussi and Lara Wendel.  Mario Bava almost single-handedly created the GIALLO  with his films The Girl Who Knew Too Much  and Blood & Black Lace , but Dario Argento kicked the genre into massive worldwide success with his 1969 hit The Bird With the Crystal Plumage .  Hundreds of titles followed, well into the 1990's, with the genre getting an unexpected transfusion with the success of Fatal Attraction and Basic Instinct , before mutating into the Erotic Thriller so familiar to Cinemax subscribers.  The poster art created to market these films was some of the most ravishing and delicious to come out of Italy, heavily influenced by horror comic and pulp novel covers, and in many cases, as wonderful or better than the movies themselves.  Ideally suited to Italy's large (39 x 55") 2-Foglio and huge (55 x 79") 4-Foglio Manifesti, GIALLO  poster art continues to be among the most collectible and effortlessly hip treasures of the era.