Unless otherwise noted, these are unrestored vintage items up to 45 years old that were actually used in theatres, so almost all will have defects, apparent in the photos and, where pertinent, noted in the descriptions.  Many feel that these minor flaws actually enhance old posters, especially the grindhouse/drive-in variety.  But they can be almost entirely eliminated when the poster is mounted on a thin sheet of linen!  We offer TOP-NOTCH LINEN-BACKING, RESTORATION and FRAMING through our friend Sue at Hollywood Poster Frames. Enormous examples of her superb craftsmanship are on display in the homes and offices of the Westgate staff, and they are spectacular!  DELIVERY and INSTALLATION SERVICE is available in the Los Angeles area, and we also SHIP WORLDWIDE.

Discounts apply when purchasing multiple pieces, and for professional interior designers.  The more you buy, the more you save!  Are there elusive posters you're dying to find?  We're happy to do SEARCHES and SPECIAL ORDERS to get them up on your wall, where they belong. We hope you'll share our passion for extreme, quirky and provocative movie art.  Please contact us with your questions and requests:   Westgategallery

F = Folded   FF = Formerly Folded   TF = Tri-Folded, with no vertical foldline   R = Rolled   UF = Unfolded   C.O.O. = Country Of Origin if other than the USA   Snipe = A sticker applied to a poster by a distributor or exhibitor; almost always can be removed via linen-backing

Shipping is by USPS Priority or Federal Express and we combine items for the lowest possible charge.  Domestic shipping is free for orders totaling $500 or more.



Named after our curator's childhood porn theatre, Bangor, Maine's long-gone Westgate Cinema, WG is a virtual boutique celebrating the timeless cool and lurid delights of the most exciting, entertaining Pop Art-form of the late 1900's-- the exploitation movie poster.  Our admittedly broad definition of the term "exploitation" encompasses many genres and applies to films ranging from acknowledged classics and infamous cult sensations to obscure foreign gems and appalling sleaze, represented byoriginal theatrical posters of every size from around the world.  With a few "classy" and understated exceptions, the vintage pieces we offer exploit our universal fascination with sex and violence and entice potential movie-viewers to experience a dizzying swirl of forbidden thrills and outrageous shocks sadly lacking in most of our daily lives.   And they're going to look amazing on your walls.



If you're a fan of the outrageous, colorful & imaginative art of the tease delivered to 70's & 80's hardcore film fans, we have the largest & most complete collection of painted/illustrated original adult posters commercially available.  So much so that Cinema Sewer creator/sleaze-film journalist ROBIN BOUGIE came to us for to loan him a few of our rare 1 sheets for his spectacularly sordid celebration of prurient Pop Art, Graphic Thrills 2, the best sequel since Hostel 2!  Featuring dozens of sparkling specimens of this hippest & most newly collectible poster genre plus Robin's usual breezy, sardonic, info-packed liner notes, it totally puts the cream in coffee table books and also makes a great gift for "our more sexually liberated friends", to quote Buck Henry's scummy bank manager in Eating Raoul (for which we have a couple of tasty items here at WG).  More importantly, you'll be supporting indie publishing at its best and the further study & appreciation of Golden Age XXX cinema. ORDER YOUR COPY HERE!